Quadrat, Kreis, Dreieck. Bauhaus Archiv
(Square, circle, triangle)


16 x 47 in. (40 x 120 cm)


Condition: Excellent

Berlin design firm ott+stein (Nicolaus Ott and Bernard Stein) produced many posters for the Bauhaus-Archiv, the Bauhaus museum in Berlin, in the 1980s and 1990s.

This poster from 1992 features the color and shape combinations associated with the Bauhaus school. Wassily Kandinsky, during his time teaching at the Bauhaus, established through a simple questionnaire that most people associate the color yellow with a triangle, red with a square and blue with a circle. The students in Kandinsky’s courses explored these relationships extensively in their course work, and the yellow triangle, red square and blue circle have since become synonymous with the Bauhaus.

Quadrat, Kreis, Dreieck. Bauhaus Archiv