Grafa is an online poster gallery specializing in graphic design from the mid-20th century to the present.

The Poster Collection

The posters in Grafa’s collection, both vintage and contemporary, have been brought together because they remain graphically powerful and visually inspiring after having served their purpose as advertisements.

Many of the posters in the collection have won awards at international design festivals and can be found in the collections of major art museums. You’ll find a mix of iconic and lesser-known works by acclaimed designers, as well as posters by unsung or new design talents. The posters come from countries around the world. Switzerland, long-recognized for its outstanding contributions to poster design, is particularly well represented.

All of the posters are original works by the designers, not reproductions.

Part of the joy of collecting posters is in understanding the stories behind the designs. As you explore the collection, you’re invited to discover each poster’s unique history. Who designed it, what did it advertise, what’s special about the imagery and typography, where does it fit within the larger history of graphic design? The resources offer additional insights into the fascinating world of poster design.

Katie Penn, Founder

I’ve been a devoted poster collector for over twenty years. I love hunting for new posters and I love living with posters on my walls.

I gravitate toward posters with a modernist aesthetic, but I’m also taken with the more expressive qualities of postmodernism. I follow the work of contemporary graphic designers and I’m always on the lookout for the best new poster designs.

My graduate work in design history (I have a master’s degree in the field) gave me a greater appreciation for graphic design as an art form, and a deeper understanding of how posters fit within the broader scope of design history. The more I’ve learned about posters over the years, the more I enjoy them.

I’ve lived and worked in many wonderful cities – New York, Moscow, London, Amsterdam, and now Chicago – each with its own exciting design culture. I’ve lovingly hauled my poster collection around the world with me and added to it along the way.

I’m delighted to be sharing my passion for posters with you.

Poster Condition

Grafa Gallery sells original posters, not reproductions, unless explicitly stated.

The posters are in excellent condition (known as “A” condition in the poster world) unless otherwise noted.  Since posters are printed on thin paper, it is nearly impossible to maintain them in perfect condition. Some wear, particularly where they’ve been handled at the sides, is to be expected.

When a poster is damaged in any way that makes its condition less than excellent, the specific flaws are noted in the description and are often visible in the photograph. If you have any questions about the condition of a poster, please be sure to get in touch.