What does it mean that the posters are original, not reproductions?

There is no single original of a poster because posters are created in multiples, as advertisements. “Original poster” refers to a poster from the original print run. A reproduction is a later copy of the poster made by photographing it and reprinting the image. All the posters sold here are original, not reproductions, unless explicitly stated otherwise.

How do I know what condition the poster is in?

The posters are in excellent condition (known as “A” condition in the poster world) unless otherwise noted.Please note that posters with slight wear at the edges are still considered to be in excellent condition. Posters are printed on thin paper and it is nearly impossible to maintain them in perfect condition. Some wear, particularly where they’ve been handled at the sides, is to be expected. When a poster is damaged in any way that makes its condition less than excellent, the specific flaws are noted in the description and are often visible in the photograph.

Where do Grafa's posters come from?

I source posters from designers, poster dealers, poster auctions and design shops. Many of the posters come from sources I discovered during my many years living in Europe.

Can I see a larger image of the poster?

If you’re interested in seeing a higher resolution image of any of the posters available for sale, please contact Grafa.

How accurate are the poster measurements?

Posters measurements are listed within one half of an inch and within one centimeter. Please get in touch if you need more precise measurements.

How accurate are the poster colors on my screen?

Every effort has been made to show accurate colors in the photographs. However, the colors you see will depend on your computer monitor and may not be the same as the actual colors in the poster.

I’ve heard that vintage posters can be lined. Will the poster I buy be lined?

The posters sold by Grafa Gallery are not lined. Posters from earlier periods (from the late 19th century through approximately the mid-twentieth century) are often backed with linen or another material in order to restore and preserve the integrity of the paper. Newer posters, however, do not need to be lined. In fact, it is considered best practice not to line them.

If I buy a poster do I have the right to reproduce it?

No, a poster purchase does not include acquisition of any copyright or reproduction rights.