Designer unknown

Bauhaus Archiv, Bestände in Auswahl vom Bauhaus
(A Selection of Holdings from the Bauhaus)

23 x 33 in (58 x 84 cm)

Condition: The paper has yellowed with age. There are several small white marks and light creases on the poster.

This poster for a 1973 exhibition at the Bauhaus Archive in Berlin features a study by Bauhaus student Eugen Batz, executed in 1929 for Kandinsky’s foundational course at the legendary German design school. Kandinsky established through a simple questionnaire that most people associate the color yellow with a triangle, red with a square and blue with a circle. These shape and color combinations, explored extensively by students in Kandinsky’s drawing and painting courses, have since become synonymous with the Bauhaus.

Bauhaus Archiv, Bestände in Auswahl vom Bauhaus