Rosmarie Tissi

Serenaden 91

35 x 50 in. (90 x 128 cm)


Condition: Excellent

Acclaimed Swiss graphic designer Rosmarie Tissi (1937- ) works out of her Zurich studio, formerly shared with her late partner Sigi Odermatt. Tissi’s highly recognizable posters feature vivid colors and bold abstract forms. She often integrates clever, but always clear, typography into her designs. For many years, Tissi designed the posters for an annual open-air concert festival in Zurich called the Serenaden. In this example from 1991, Tissi brings the outdoor setting to life with the simplest of forms: a moon, a tree, and typographic moonbeams.

Tissi’s posters have been exhibited internationally and she received the Swiss Grand Award for Design in 2018.

Serenaden 91