Gielijn Escher

Stenberg, Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam

32 ½ x 46 in. (81 x 117 cm)


Condition: There is a small raised horizontal line of approximately two inches by the right edge of the poster.

Eminent Dutch graphic designer Gielijn Escher (1945-) has created numerous posters for the cultural sector using his signature bright flat colors and dynamic compositions. Escher (great-nephew of the graphic artist M.C. Escher) fell in love with posters at an early age and is an avid poster collector.

Escher designed this poster for an exhibition on the early Soviet movie posters of Vladimir and Georgii Stenberg. Escher’s own graphic style pairs remarkably well with the graphic language of the Stenbergs, who also relied on bold flat colors and striking diagonal compositions to create engaging poster designs.

Stenberg, Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam