Gielijn Escher

Malevich, Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam


32 ½ x 46 in. (81 x 117 cm)


Condition: The paper has yellowed some with age. The top edge has a few marks and creases and a small tear that has been taped. There are a few light creases in the image and a light pencil mark towards the bottom left corner. The overall image is fully intact.


Prominent Dutch graphic designer Gielijn Escher (1945-) has created numerous posters for the cultural sector using his signature bright flat colors and dynamic compositions. Escher (great-nephew of the graphic artist M.C. Escher) fell in love with posters at an early age and is an avid poster collector.

This poster advertises an exhibition at Amsterdam’s Stedelijk Museum on the work of Kazimir Malevich, an avant-garde artist of the Russian revolutionary period. Escher based his design on Malevich’s 1921 painting Hieratic Suprematist Cross, which is in the Stedelijk’s collection. Malevich’s composition blends seamlessly with Escher’s graphic style, as Escher’s work often takes inspiration from the flat color fields and diagonal compositions found in Russian avant-garde art of the eatly 20th century.

Malevich, Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam