Ralph Schraivogel

International Jazz Festival, Zürich


35 x 50 in. (90 x 128 cm)


Condition: There is light creasing at the bottom edge of the poster.

Ralph Schraivogel (1960-) is one of the most influential figures in contemporary Swiss graphic design. The poster has long been his medium of choice. Schraivogel’s posters are eclectic – for each carefully researched commission he finds a unique and fitting take on the subject matter. He is well known for his highly complex and richly patterned works, but he also produces more restrained compositions when it suits the commission. Schraivogel’s posters are held in major museums around the world and have been the subject of international exhibitions.

In Schraivogel’s poster for Zurich’s International Jazz Festival, sonic waves appear to vibrate through the richly layered composition.

International Jazz Festival, Zürich