Wim Crouwel

Het Nieuwe Bouwen in Rotterdam 1920-1960
(Modern Architecture in Rotterdam 1920-1960)

22 x 31 in. (55 x 79 cm)


Condition: There are multiple light creases in the silver area and a small raised mark in the gray area.

Legendary Dutch graphic designer and typographer Wim Crouwel (1928-2019) is known for his devotion to minimalist grid-based designs (his passion for the modernist grid earned him the nickname Mr. Gridnik). His influential agency Total Design created the identities for many Dutch companies and cultural institutions, and Crouwel spent much of his career working with Dutch museums. This poster is one of a series he designed to promote exhibitions around the Netherlands on Het Nieuwe Bouwen, the modern movement in Dutch architecture.

Het Nieuwe Bouwen in Rotterdam 1920-1960