Wild Plakken (Frank Beekers, Lies Ros, Rob Schröder)

Wat Amsterdam Betreft, Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam
(As Far as Amsterdam Goes)

25 ½ x 37 ½ in. (65 x 95 cm)


Condition: Excellent

This poster by Dutch design collective Wild Plakken advertises a 1985 exhibition at the Stedelijk Museum that explored Amsterdam’s contemporary visual arts culture. Wild Plakken, meaning “wild pasting”, was formed by designers Lies Ros and Rob Schroder in 1977. The group designs posters for social and political causes, and in their early years they pasted posters up around Amsterdam without permission—hence the name. The Wild Plakken designers often use collage in their work, as they feel this technique distances the composition from the hand of the designer and allows the poster to communicate its message more impartially.

This poster is held in the collection of New York's Museum of Modern Art.

Wat Amsterdam Betreft, Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam