Josh Schaub, Erich Brechbühl and Felix Pfäffli

Weltformat 2022


35 x 50 in. (90 x 128 cm)


Condition: Excellent

The annual Weltformat Festival in Lucerne, Switzerland, founded in 2009, celebrates poster design and features an exhibition of “100 Best Posters”. Weltformat is the term for the standard Swiss poster format (90 x 128 cm, or 35.5 x 50.5 inches).

The 2022 Weltformat festival theme explored motion graphics in poster design. The organizers invited seven individual designers and firms to produce moving posters for the event: Everyday Practice, Gianluca Alla, Laia Ferran from Hey Studio, Ira Ivanova from Studio Yukiko, Lucas Hesse, Felix Pfäffli from Studio Feixen and Roy Terhorst from Thonik. This silkscreened festival poster was created by combining stills from the seven moving posters. QR codes at the bottom of the poster link to the digital versions.

Weltformat 2022