Ikko Tanaka

Poster Auction XVII


27 x 39 in. (69 x 99 cm)


Condition: Excellent

Ikko Tanaka (1930-2002) created a style of graphic design that merged Western modernist principles with traditional Japanese content and aesthetics. His posters are widely regarded as masterpieces of 20th-century design.

In addition to his work in poster design, Tanaka frequently collaborated with fashion designer Issey Miyake on both clothing and advertising, and he served as art director for popular Japanese homewares brand Muji.

This poster advertises an auction at Poster Auctions International in New York. Between 1992 and 1997, the auction house commissioned leading international graphic designers to create the advertising posters for its sales. For his contribution, Tanaka constructed a woman in a kimono using the elements of a poster — sheets of paper, color and typography.

Poster Auction XVII