Jennifer Morla

El Museo Mexicano

24 x 40 in. (61 x 102 cm)


Condition: Excellent

San Francisco-based graphic designer and educator Jennifer Morla (1955- ) founded Morla Design in 1984. Throughout her career, Morla has worked with arts organizations as well as retail clients including Levi’s, Apple and Design Within Reach. She won the prestigious AIGA Medal in 2010. Her work is held in the collections of major museums.

Morla’s poster for the 20th anniversary of San Francisco’s Mexican Museum is dominated by a portrait of Frida Kahlo, rendered in halftone dots. She integrates other symbols of Mexican culture – our Lady of Gaudalupe, a palm tree – into an exuberant, multi-layered composition.

This is a beautifully printed RE-EDITION OF THE ORIGINAL POSTER. 

El Museo Mexicano