Mendell & Oberer

Japanische Plakate 1960 Bis Heute
(Japanese Posters 1960 to the Present)


32 ½ x 46 ½ in. (83 x 118 cm)


Condition: There is some creasing on the right side of the poster

In this stunning advertisement for a Japanese poster exhibition, German design studio Mendell & Oberer expertly merged the idea of the poster with a symbol of Japan, creating a red sun that appears to roll out of the image like a piece of paper.

Pierre Mendell (1929-2008) and Klaus Oberer (1937-) founded Studio Mendell & Oberer in Munich in 1961 and worked together until 2000. Both designers studied at the School of Design in Basel, where they were steeped in the functionalist grid-based systems of graphic design that came to be internationally known as the Swiss style. Mendell & Oberer produced many exceptional posters for German cultural institutions, using minimal forms and colors to create maximally powerful designs.

Japanische Plakate 1960 Bis Heute