Wolfgang Weingart

Herbert Bayer, Das künstlerische Werk 1918-1938
(Herbert Bayer, the Artistic Work)

35 x 50 in. (90 x 128 cm)


Condition: There is a light crease across the lower right corner and some very light creasing around the edges. Otherwise excellent condition.

Graphic designer and typographer Wolfgang Weingart (1941-2021), student and then professor at the prestigious Basel School of Design, is known for his inventive manipulations of typography. Beginning in the 1970s, Weingart moved away from the rigid, grid-based principles of Swiss typography and design practiced by his predecessors in Basel and developed a more experimental approach to his work. Weingart took a particular interest in using photographic techniques to produce designs with layered images and distorted type. This new design methodology came to be known as New Wave typography as its influence spread well beyond Switzerland.

In this poster for a Herbert Bayer exhibition, Weingart has playfully layered images and incorporated multiple typefaces. He used a photographic process to overlap two halftone patterns (one showing Bayer’s face), creating an intriguing moiré effect.

This fascinating poster is in the collection of the Museum of Modern Art, New York.

Herbert Bayer, Das künstlerische Werk 1918-1938