Mitsuo Katsui

Hayashi, UCLA Asian Performing Arts Institute

28 1/2 in.x 40 (72 x 102 cm)


Condition: Excellent

In 1981, the Asian Performing Arts Summer Institute at the University of California, Los Angeles, hosted a program of study and performances intended to introduce Americans to Japanese classical performance art. In conjunction with this program, the Institute produced a set of twelve commemorative posters, each by a leading Japanese graphic designer.

Mitsuo Katsui (1931- ) is known for his innovative use of computer technology and photography in graphic design, particularly as these tools relate to his greatest interest – the representation of light. In his contribution to the UCLA poster series, Katsui has integrated a photograph by Keiichi Tahara into a composition representing Hayashi, the musical group that accompanies traditional Japanese theater performances.

The poster is hand signed by the designer.

Hayashi, UCLA Asian Performing Arts Institute