Igor Gurovich (Ostengruppe)

Moscow Mayakovsky Festival


26 ½ x 38 in. (67 x 97 cm)


Condition: Excellent

In 2002, Igor Gurovich (1967-) founded the Moscow design collective Ostengruppe with Eric Belousov and Anna Naumova. At a time when Russian graphic design was struggling to find a new post-Soviet identity, the Ostengruppe designers produced large numbers of cultural and political posters in an original and expressive style.

This poster advertises a festival dedicated to the Russian avant-garde poet, playwright and artist Vladmimir Mayakovsky. Gurovich uses photomontage, a technique embraced by many of the avant-garde artists in Mayakovsky's circle, to assemble a larger-than-life portrait of his subject, a man of towering ability and legacy. 

Moscow Mayakovsky Festival