Dima Pantyushin

Enthusiast Record Store Opening


19 ½ x 27 ½ in. (50 x 70 cm)


Condition: Excellent

Dima Pantyushin (1978- ), currently based in London, is a designer and musician and owns the popular Moscow multi-purpose venue Enthusiast, a café/bar/community space/concert space/motorcycle hangout/shop.

Pantyushin began his career at Goznak, the state-owned Russian company responsible for the design and printing of banknotes, stamps, passports and other official documents. At Goznak he learned classical techniques of drawing and engraving, and he eventually became lead artist.

Pantyushin left Goznak to start his own design practice and in 2013 he opened Enthusiast. Since then, he’s created a minimum of two posters per week to promote weekly DJ sets and other cultural and social events at the venue. Between his work for Enthusiast and his freelance design practice, Pantyushin has produced more than 1000 posters. His bold, bright poster style is influenced by his classical training combined with an interest in the Bauhaus and other early modernist movements, as well as an admiration for Japanese and Polish poster design. Pantyushin also creates unique typefaces for his posters.

In addition to his ongoing work for Enthusiast, Pantyushin has recently designed a powerful series of posters protesting Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

This poster advertises the opening of Enthusiast’s record shop. It is beautifully printed on high-quality paper and is signed and stamped by the designer.

Enthusiast Record Store Opening